About L&D

"We wanted to create a system where clients could collaborate on a deeper level to scale their business"

Group picture of Lee, Dawn, Gina, Debbie, Nancy and Tracie

A match made in heaven, made a match of expertise to march towards their dream to make the dreams of others meet their perfect match. You'll get it, just read that twice. Well, in simple words, Lee and Dawn, two young marketers who met through an online matrimonial site, got married and were living boring lives in Dubai.

Dawn was raised in Dubai. He did his schooling and college in Dubai and pursued a career of 6 years as an animator. Lee was a wild city soul born and raised in Mumbai. She did her Master's in English Literature and worked as a Content Writer and Strategist for 6 years. Her journey of writing for Agencies and independent clients and his expertise with branding and developing for Dubai Government sectors paved way to Lee and Dawn Agency.

Lee and Dawn at a conference in DubaiDawn and Nancy at a conference in Dubai
Lee sitting on a chair in front of a beautiful meralLee and Mayowa Adegoke at a conference in Dubai

And their life wasn't boring anymore! They were different from others because they did not shy away from bringing character, personality, and humanness to any business they collaborated with. They challenged trends, aligned strategies with some that made sense, and truly set out to customise strategies that were exclusive to each brand.

They were highly recommended by their clients to business circles. They never shied away from learning, restarting, and accepting challenges. Today, they have worked for over 20 brands and continue to collaborate with business visionaries. They have multiple team of experts who manage different wings of their business for optimal results. They undertake and deliver; they truly care about your business like you would.