Conducting a complete rebranding of Dubai-based veterinary clinic, to assist growth in brand recognition and increase website traction and revenue. The team at L&D was approached to curate a strategy for the complete rebranding of their website, digital and ad marketing, and assisting in brand recognition and revenue generation.

Al Hayat Veterinary clinic

The team: Dawn, Madhurima, Rushikesh

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Al Hayat, a family-owned veterinary clinic based in Dubai, UAE, specializing in vet care and pet grooming, approached the team at L&D with their concern about their website lacking traction, and its inability to hold the attention of prospective customers. 

In spite of being adorned by UAE’s top veterinarians, the Al Hayat Clinic wasn’t receiving its due recognition — the reason being that its website was its primary source of promotion, which failed to portray the clinic’s capabilities in the appropriate manner.

The Purpose Behind the Project 

With the Al Hayat project, our aim was to grasp the concept of their work and showcase it to the world in a redefined, polished, and organised manner. 

Our primary goal was to build a website that would not only attract prospective customers but also keep them hooked on the content, keep them interested in the why, how, and what of the clinic’s work, and for them to travel seamlessly between pages before they turn into clients.

The Challenge

One of the major challenges we faced while working on this project was coming up with two separate aesthetics for the same website. For the veterinary section, our team was aiming to provide a homely, comfortable, and affordable feel to the site, whereas the grooming section had to convey a feeling of luxury. 

The Solution and the Process 

Our team worked diligently to create a website that was the perfect blend of both homely and comfortable, and luxurious, giving the client enough room to transition between the two services and what can be expected from them.

The Process

  • Planning and Preparing

It started with assembling the team who will be working on the project and debriefing them about the brand, the product, and the intended results. 

  • Creating an Idea Book

The team then came up with a word book that would contain the information about the brand that we want to highlight, and that we want SEO to pick up. For Al Hayat, these words were love, care, family, safety, health, affordable, personal, etc.

We planned the website outline, colour schemes and topics for monthly blog posts. 

We used Figma to design the mood board for the website information.

  • First Drafts and Discussions

Post the decided time frame, we met again with the first drafts, and make sure we are headed in the same direction creatively and strategically. The idea was to bring forth a combined image of ‘providing love and care for your pets as if they were ours’.  

  • Second Draft and Sign Off

The final products were showcased to Al Hayat, and post their sign-off we proceeded to seal the work in place. 

  • Finalising the End Product 

Once all aspects of the product design were finalised, we started preparing for the launch.

The Result

L&D in collaboration with Al Hayat successfully launched the Al Hayat website in 2022. Since then, the website has a MOZ DA score of 10, with the clinic’s customer base increasing by 20% and their stats have only increased since then.