Assisting a UK-based parent company in launching a subsidiary derma cosmetics marketplace that would act as a platform for customers to purchase their products directly. L&D developed its branding and website.


The Team: Dawn, Anchu, Lee

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The Purpose Behind the Project 

Through their B2C brand, the clients wanted to promote an idea of self-love and self-worth. The name of the brand represented their motto of ‘being yourself is being beautiful’. They wanted to bring healthy and safe skincare into the beauty market through clinically tested and dermatologically recommended products that allow customers to feel beautiful and heal skin anomalies that they aren’t proud of at the same time. 

Because of how new the brand is in the market, L&D’s main goal was to create brand awareness, increase reach and growth and set up the website for revenue generation. 

The Challenge

Being a fairly new brand in the UK where a lot of established skincare brands are already dominating the market proved to be one of the main challenges for Be&Beauty. Because of the brand’s anonymity and limited budget, a lot of the work that went into creating brand awareness was done manually by the L&D team.

The Solution and the Process Behind It

The L&D team came up with a content strategy and a social media strategy, in which we released weekly blogs on various skincare-related issues on their website. These issues could range from scientific discoveries to fashion trends, etc. We tried making these blogs as relatable and engaging as possible. 

On our social media front, our strategy was much more interactive, where the L&D team personally reached out to prominent UK-based influencers and perform a brand collaboration with them. 

We also conducted a number of targeted ad campaigns for Be&Beauty to reach their appropriate audience/ customer base.

The Process

  • Planning and Preparing

It started with assembling the team who will be working on the project and debriefing them about the brand, the product, and the intended results. 

  • Creating an Idea Book

The team then came up with a word book that would contain the information about the brand that we want to highlight, and that we want SEO to pick up. For B&Beauty, these words were healthy, dermatology, skincare, glowing, beauty, skin, ageless, and safe.  

Using Figma, we designed the mood board for the website information.

  • First Drafts and Discussions

Post the decided time frame, we met again with the first drafts, and make sure we are headed in the same direction creatively and strategically. The idea was to bring forth a combined image of ‘promoting self-love and self-worth through healthy, safe, and dermatologist-recommended skincare’. 

  • Second Draft and Sign Off

The final products were showcased, and as per the social media posting schedule, we filled the tracker. We got a sign-off from Be&Beauty, on the website and social media posts, and thus the work was sealed in place. 

  • Finalising the End Product 

Once all aspects of the product design were finalised, we started preparing for the launch, by setting up detailed schedules and creating a press release. 

The Result

Through L&D’s marketing strategies,  despite having a limited budget, Be&Beauty went from a revenue of 0 pounds to 4000 pounds in a very short period of time. The word about the brand’s sustainable and clean skincare is spreading across the UK, and the website is generating revenue as calculated by our growth experts.