Assisting Dubai-based construction and design company in establishing their logo and expanding their market to a global audience.

Dubai Horizon Steel DHS

The team: Dawn

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The Purpose Behind the Project 

DHS is a well-established name in the Dubai market and they reached out to us to revamp their brand for a more modern audience. The L&D team decided that this was a great opportunity to use the brand’s logo to showcase the possibility of their vision.

The Challenge

Statistically, most people take no more than 15 seconds to decide whether a brand is intriguing enough for them to further invest their time into or not. Hence, a logo can make or break a potential customer’s idea of what a brand stands for. While working on the logo for DHS, our main aim was to maintain minimalism while portraying its brand values.

The Solution and the Process Behind It

Our objective was to create a representation of their brand identity. To achieve this, we incorporated the concept of a horizon seamlessly merging with a rising sun. Employing a comprehensive range of typographic elements, we crafted a visually engaging logo that embodies the essence of DHS. 

The colour blue, selected to resonate with the established brand palette, was instrumental in evoking a sense of tranquillity and trust. By integrating a silhouette symbolizing a sun ascending from the horizon, we effectively conveyed the essence of DHS. To further reinforce the brand's attributes of resilience and power, we deliberately opted for the font 'Code'. In addition to enhancing their LinkedIn presence through strategic branding efforts, we also took it upon ourselves to meticulously revamp and elevate their portfolio, ensuring that it perfectly aligns with their brand identity and communicates their unique value proposition.

The Process

  • Planning and Preparing

It started with assembling the team who will be working on the project and debriefing them about the brand, the product, and the intended results. 

  • Creating an Idea Book

The team then came up with a design book that had several drafts of the elements that we wanted to incorporate into the logo. We also had a ‘feeling book’ handy, which had words or feelings that we wanted the logo to invoke in a potential customer. For ‘DHS’, few of these words were trust, faith, beginning, etc. 

  • First Drafts and Discussions

Post the decided time frame, we met again with the first drafts, and make sure we are headed in the same direction creatively and strategically.

  • Second Draft and Sign Off

The final products were showcased, and we got a sign-off from the DHS team thus the work was sealed in place. 

  • Finalising the End Product 

Once all aspects of the product design were finalised, we started preparing for the launch.

The Result

DHS has been using the new logo in all its success since the year 2021