Assisting Dubai-based real estate brand in launching luxury and sustainable accommodations in the heart of Trivandrum, Kerala. Mk Builders, a prominent name in Dubai real estate, specializing in private projects for over 20 years, wanted to begin their journey in India with their first-ever public domain venture of a luxury housing complex consisting of twenty-one 4-BHK Fully Air-Conditioned Villas in the Nemom district of Trivandrum.L&D helped in establishing their brand in the Indian subcontinent — creating a website from scratch and raising brand awareness through a meticulously planned social media campaign.

MK Builders and Developers

The Team: Madhurima, Lee, Dawn, Josh

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The Purpose Behind the Project 

The luxury real estate project named ‘Green Meadows’ aimed to introduce a new standard of excellence in the real estate sector. The primary focus of the project was to highlight the collaboration of sustainable and luxurious living in an area still untouched by the massive oncoming of industrialization. 

We, at L&D, were entrusted with creating a brand identity for MK Builders amongst an Indian clientele, promoting the project (and the brand) on social media through monthly planned campaigns, building a website that encompasses their projects and brings forth their vision of ‘future culture’, and lead generation for twenty-one villas.

The Challenge and the Solution

The requirement for luxury real estate in India might be at an all-time high, however, most clients look at metropolitan cities for such settlements. The challenge was to find a niche audience looking to transpose into sustainable living, in a land gleaming with greenery, surrounded by a non-commercial, slow-paced landscape.  

Instilling the idea of ‘sustainable living’ in an Indian audience was also a momentous task. Our marketing campaign was heavily lined with showcasing the benefits (physical, mental, and financial) of adopting this lifestyle, putting forth a compelling argument for investing in a green, clean future.

The Process

  • Planning and Preparing

It started with assembling the team who will be working on the project, debriefing them about the brand, the product, and the intended results. 

  • Creating an Idea Book

The team then came up with a word book that would contain the information about the brand that we want to highlight, and that we want SEO to pick up. For MK Builders, these words were luxury, sustainable, real estate, futuristic, conscious, etc.

We planned the marketing campaign, social media and branding colour schemes, various media we can target and how to prioritise them, and topics for blog posts, newsletters, and email blasts. 

We used Figma to design the mood board for the website information.

  • First Drafts and Discussions

Post the decided time frame, we met again with the first drafts, and make sure we are headed in the same direction creatively and strategically. The idea was to bring forth a combined image of ‘luxurious futuristic living’ that embedded sustainability and community at its core. 

  • Second Draft and Sign Off

The final products were showcased, and as per the marketing schedule, we filled the tracker. We got a sign-off from the director of MK Builders on the website and branding mock-ups, and social media campaign plan, and sealed the work in place. 

  • Finalising the End Product 

Once all aspects of the product design were finalised, we started preparing for the launch, by setting up detailed schedules and creating a press release

The Result

L&D in collaboration with MK Builders successfully launched the Marketing Campaign and website in 2022. Through our campaign, we were able to reach a niche audience of millennial families and retired couples who were either excited to jump on the sustainable housing bandwagon, and/or were looking for a second home surrounded by the serenity of Trivandrum.