Assisting Dubai-based apparel brand in improving their online presence and expanding their market to a global audience. L&D helped in establishing her website and youtube channel.


Team: Dawn, Lee, Tanvi

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The Purpose Behind the Project 

The main purpose of this project was to bring awareness to the public about the utility of the traditional clothing called ‘abaya’.  Through a rigorous campaign and marketing, the team wanted to de-establish common stigmas associated with abayas and their purpose.

The Challenge

The main challenge we faced while working on this project was the brand’s incredibly low footprint on the web. When we started working on the project, the website had a visitor ratio of 3k, but without enough content and/or marketing, it was having a difficult time engaging potential customers when they would visit the website. Our main aim was to come up with a way to monetise the website and improve sale. 

The Solution and the Process Behind It

The L&D team came up with a unique content strategy that included the perfect combination of blogs to remove abaya stigmas, online and offline campaigns, new events, SEO, and consistent newsletters, which ultimately ended up increasing sales.

The Process

  • Planning and Preparing

It started with assembling the team who will be working on the project and debriefing them about the brand, the product, and the intended results. 

  • Creating an Idea Book

The team then came up with a word book that would contain the information about the brand that we want to highlight, and that we want SEO to pick up. For Thowby, these words were stylish, inclusive, high-quality, cotton, and breezy

Using Figma, we designed the mood board for the website information.

  • First Drafts and Discussions

Post the decided time frame, we met again with the first drafts, and make sure we are headed in the same direction creatively and strategically. The idea was to bring forth a combined image of ‘selling the highest quality abayas made for people across genders and religions’. 

  • Second Draft and Sign Off

The final products were showcased, and we got a sign-off from team Thowby, on the website and marketing trackers, and thus the work was sealed in place. 

  • Finalising the End Product 

Once all aspects of the product design were finalised, we started preparing for the launch, by setting up detailed schedules and creating a press release.

The Result

Over the course of six months, Thowby’s website went from 3k to 9k organic viewers, and they were able to see a four-fold increase in revenue.